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Welcome to My Lifegear!

Our mission is making sure that you feel prepared anywhere, anyplace, anytime-that's why we've created My Lifegear.
The first step is registering with us and setting up an account. Once you've done that, you'll be able to keep track of your Lifegear products, get replacement batteries while recycling your used ones, shop online, select power adapters and correspond with our customer service team.
  • Adapters

    Choose from a selection of different power adapters for each Lifegear product that you own. We offer AC, DC and cell-phone adapters so that you can conserve battery life, ensuring that you'll have power at the times you need it most. These adapters are available free of charge (shipping & handling not included) to all registered customers.


  • Batteries

    Saving Lives and Saving
    the Environment.

    At Lifegear we have a commitment to being environmentally responsible and ensuring that the batteries we provide don't end up in landfills. When you receive your free replacement batteries you'll also find a postage-paid envelope for sending your used batteries back to us. Just drop them in the mail and we'll take it from there.

    Batteries that end up in the landfill add pollutants and heavy metals into the soil and ground water supply. Because many of our products contain dry-cell batteries, we want to be sure that our customers are able to dispose of their used batteries simply and easily.

    Send your used batteries back to us in our pre-paid envelope and we'll make sure that they are disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner.


  • Customer Service

    We're committed supporting our customers and helping them feel ready for any emergency. Please call us with any questions, comments or concerns about your Lifegear products.

    Questions? Please call:
    Email with any questions or concerns you may have.